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Wild Spanish Horses! Florida's "Heritage Horses."
No way! They were all gelded and sent to auction ( except for maybe 10 )
What do you think this is "Chincoteague!" We don't want no jobs and tourists!! Leave the prairie for the weeds it's natural that way... Look! The Outer Banks promotes their wild horses too!!

You could promote the idea that these horses are an attraction ! Whatta you dumb?? We would have people coming from everywhere.

But then the People that Protect us and the Prairie have stated the goals for the Wild Spanish Horses or "Cracker Horses." { note: that "heritage" is removed by refering to the horses as "cracker."}
Final Solution to the Livestock dated March 11. 2011 excerpt Page 14

"It is recommended that the cracker horse population be stabilized at current levels using physical sterilization or removal of the stallions and maintenance of a female and gelding herd."

Final Solution to the Livestock dated March 11. 2011 excerpt Page 14-15

"The target population size for the cracker horses will be between 10 and 30 horses.". Oh yeah - don't forget "gelded."

Can you imagine the folks that sat down to decide how to best develop the Assateague and Chincoteague areas of Virginia. They took the area's Wild Horses and developed a plan that has brought tens of thousands of visitors to the area. It has made the area a tourist destination {aka: jobs!. }

Contrast that to the plan put forth by Forgone and the other People that Protect us and the Prairie. that would "minimize" the presence of the heritage animals, that are no less than an attraction, than the Wild Horses of
Virginia and Maryland.

It is beyond their vision, to recognize the value of the herd to the community. We will now hear two years of propaganda ~ illustrating the evil horses and the death of prairie ecosystems if they too are not "gelded" and removed "for our safety!"

The number of "gelded" politicians that ran, ducked for cover or waffled on the topic has been amazin'. I wonder if one of those running could chat with the successful folks that put the attraction of the wild horses to advantage. That could be the politician worth re-election!
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