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A fish in the air is not unuseual by itself -but when we're talkin' about 6 to 9 feet in lenght and up to 400 lbs. that's a dufferent story!

May until early September sees the White Sturgeon return to the spawning waters of the Suwannee River where the acrobatics begin!

The locals and tourists join the party, in boats, where occasionally one finds more fish in the boat than wanted - to say the least
_MG_2515 Sturgeons FrolicLeaping Sturgeon_MG_2218 Rocket_MG_2509 Leap 2_MG_2373 Jump for Joy_MG_2510 Leap 3_MG_2504 Vertical_MG_2516 Leap 4_MG_2548 Barrel Roll_MG_2570 Sturgeon Leap 1SturgeonSturgeon JumpingSturgeon ReentrySturgeon Airborne_MG_1065 Sturgeon Time_MG_2472 Gulf Sturgeon_MG_2366 Sturgeon_MG_2219 Alley Oop_MG_2214 Practise Bomb_MG_2139 Twister