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Spoonbills are common to the coasts. You can visit The Black Point Trail in Titusville or the Vierra Wetlands and see plenty of spoonbills.

They just don't often come inland! We see a pair - perhaps the same pair - return from time to time to add a dash of bright pink to the scene
_MG_0413 Rare Doublebill Spoonie_MG_0054 Bowl of Spoonies_MG_2124 Spoonie Bill Blanket 180_MG_0005 Spoonies Snag Tree_MG_9824 Spoonbill Flats_MG_0456 Spoons_MG_0451 Spoons_MG_0423 Bored and Sleepy_MG_0406 Preening in Private_MG_0354 Watchful Wading_MG_0030 Spoonbill ID Shot1_MG_0414 Spoonbills in June_MG_0431 Indignant_MG_0435 Spoonbill_MG_0482 Spoonbill Pair_MG_0508 June Visitors_MG_0542 Spoonbill_MG_0566 Lining up for the landding_MG_0567 Downwind - Landing_MG_0574 Spoonbill