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Wildlife Photography is usually captured in a "fleeting moment!" You don't get a do-over! "Hold it" doesn't work with animals! It's a now kind of place.

Scenery conveniently holds still so we can take our time and study the options .. even return to a place and try a new idea or lens!

It won't replace the bear that got so close you could smell it! but it is where old wildlife photographers go to relax!!

Enjoy some of my favorite scenic places to visit.
_MG_6703 Morning Sandhills.jpgFern Hammock Spring_MG_0336 ChoicesIMG_1707 The Hayfield_MG_7071 The Old Trail.jpg_MG_1087 Beautiful Day_MG_2190 Warm Day DawningLaughing with the Sunset_NIK0102 LaChua Magic801 030 The Forest Temple_NIK0009 Cedar KeyThe Gator Hole.jpg_MG_0799 In Times PastSilver River Solitude_MG_4287 LaChua FireA cloudy day at St. Marks_MG_0040 The Morning MistsThe Rainbow Tree_MG_7771 Manatee Spring Gathering