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The North Central Florida area hosts a large number of Sandhill Cranes from around Thanksgiving until Saint Valentines.'

The Whooping Cranes are the rarest bills on the Eastern Flyway and are often seen in the same areas. Paynes Prairie's LaChua Trail, the fields around Evinston, and the University "Beef Unit" are dependable places to see the birds.
_MG_2136 Whooping Crane 180IMG_0063 Junior_MG_1503 Homosassa Whooper 6102015 LR_MG_0119 Whooper_MG_0008 Crane 9-13 12228014_MG_0053 Whooping_MG_0060 Resting on Guard_MG_0074 Sandhill_MG_0117 Pairs Flight_MG_0118 Descent_MG_0142 Single Leg Stance_MG_0005 Telemetry Whooper0115_0125 Sandhills Landing0115_0171 Flight Leader0115_0175 Touchdown0115_0288 Formation Flying0115_0314   Cranes!0115_0129 Found the Cranes_MG_1871 Air Walkers_MG_1761 Stacked