Charles F. Littlewood | Scenery

We headed North out of Anchorage for Denali National Park.

The scenery continued to get more dramatic as we drove. The mountains surround the highway and dominate your prospective - to the point of distraction.

Had I known what I would see, I would have mounted a GoPro on the hood of the vehicle, for the entire trip!
_V5B2502 The Denali Road_V5B3856 Alaskan Sky_V5B3252 Secret Vista_MG_0418 The Outpost_V5B2041 Cloudy Denali_V5B3228 The Guide_MG_4224 Commissary_MG_3480 River of Clouds_MG_4315 Serenity Valley_V5B3293 Beach View_MG_3235  Savage River_V5B2676 Turnagain Arm_MG_3220 June Snow Showers_MG_3439 Mile Marker 122_MG_3422 Mile Marker 122_MG_4134 Purple Mountain Backpacking_MG_4118 Alaskan Splendor_MG_3580 Alaskan Spring Valley_V5B2418 Wonder Lake_V5B2340 Mountain Rain