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No amount of studying the behavior of Brown Bears will replace that first Wildlife encounter!

The Moose is the number one animal hazard in Alaska. You can see photos of Moose but until you meet one ... Well let's just say it is "memorable!

_MG_6061 Intruder_MG_5840  The Frizzly Bear_MG_5705  Grzzley Fishing_MG_6189 Attention on You_MG_5968  Little Question MPP_MG_5743 Brown Bear Fishing Lesson_MG_5718 Leap for Salmon PS_MG_5872 Brownies Parade PSGrizzly Momma JSIMG_4146  Roadies_MG_6131 Ooops!_MG_5067 The Magpie_MG_4307 The Mountain Goat Family_MG_6144 Blackies Retreat_MG_4259 Brownies Nap Time_MG_0391 Parental Backup_MG_0202 Puffin Squadron_MG_0222 The Puffin_MG_0155 Some will Act_MG_0367 Orcas on Defense