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Tidbit_MG_0005 Sandhill Male Juvi 531_MG_0012 Legs_MG_0013 ID Shot cranes 4242016_MG_0015 Crane Family 16.05_MG_0016 The Chicks 4242016_MG_0025 Gotcha_MG_0032 ID Male and Female Youngster 5_MG_0036 Flight Ready 5/31_MG_0040 ID Shot Crane Family 5.7_MG_0042 The Crane Family_MG_0048 Crane Family 5.7.2016_MG_0052 The Crane Family_MG_0055 The Crane Family_MG_0077 The Crane Family_V5B9271 Sandhill Male Juvi 531_V5B9323 Sandhill Crane 531