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Somethings only happen here! The Last Frontier lives up to its name with the folks and stuff they create and use to deal with the environment.

I've done -40F degrees ( -40C ) before - which is why we are here in their Summer! How about - a hot cup of coffee tossed into the air falls to the ground ...frozen!

Bends a persons way of lookin' at things!
_V5B2702 Willys Jeepster_MG_4543 Moose Warning_V5B2654 Last Frontier_MG_4382 Scrape Tree_MG_4513 The Print_MG_0478 Kayak Kamping_V5B2704 Pump Milk or Spin_MG_4555 Training Floats_MG_3563 Bear Bells_MG_0087 The Avaitor_MG_5099 Da Plane