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The Oseola Turkey is a visible and approacable part of Florida's Wildlife.

Unlike the turkeys in the Northeastern United States this bird will tolerate people within sight.

If you move very slowly they will walk past you and ignor your presence.
0115_0327 The Hen Pack0115_0329  Flock of Turkeys_MG_0662 Osceola Turkey female_MG_7600 Morning Strut_MG_9697 Prey Item_MG_7843 Show off_MG_6189 Osceola Turkeys_MG_0009 Mr Tom_MG_0002 Pageantry_MG_5548 Mrs Tom_MG_0642 Gobbling Tom_MG_8834 Strutting_MG_2344 Hen Turkey_MG_2151 Strutting TimeOsceola Turkey DanceMale Turkey_MG_4989 Coupla Turkeys_MG_4475 Thomas Long Beard_MG_3472 Hen Turkey