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A trip to the Lowery Zoo is a good way to spend a half day or add to a trip to Tampa Airport.

They have a good selection of animals and birds displayed in open environments.

The Lowery Zoo is located just off SR275 on Sligh Avenue.
_MG_8767 Got It_MG_8761 Wizened Otter_MG_8746 Lessor Blues Brothers_MG_8743 Preen-up on Aisle Two_MG_8710 The Water Vine_MG_8703 Show Off_MG_8650 Hi Chuck_MG_8646 Black Bear_MG_8627 Chilly Swimmer_MG_8615 Interested_MG_8604 Meerkat Mom_MG_8500 Safe Haven_MG_8493 Dust Problems_MG_8465 Mpumi_MG_8448 Gaze from Above_MG_8436 Connection_MG_8425 Quiet Contemplation_MG_8419 Tail Oriented_MG_8375 Anti-Camo Friends_MG_8368 Lorikeet Pair