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Every once in a while you get a shot you can't categorize --- so I put them here!

A special group of people have fallen into this category ,as well! Those that forget that:

alligators are dangerous,
bison are not cute farm animals
Wilderness is "Wild"

....and those that don't know about "chiggers or red bugs" so they go "off trail!"
....and then wonder why they have an urge to scratch.

Darwin Rules! He spoke of "survival of the fittest!"
{ infers:: The loss of those ~ not so fitted! !!}
Bathroom Racer0225_1997 Shermans Fox Squirrel_MG_5428 Retreat_MG_1270 Not a Clue3651 Vistors of the Month March 2014_MG_2056 Too Close_MG_3849 Toll Collector_MG_1496 Size don't MatterA Natural BlondAlien VisitorNo He Did Not_MG_7364 EvadeCatbird, Whiskers, and a Berry_MG_0345 Wrong Trail_MG_1309 Rosy wolf snail, Euglandina rosea_MG_0343 Not a Clue  IIa_MG_0343 Not a Clue IIb_MG_0343 Not a Clue  IIcPossum on a Half ShellVisitors of the Week Award.jpg