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Sherman's Fox Squirrels are a funky long-bodied squirrel with a very specific habitat preference.

The ideal area for the Sherman's Fox Squirrel is the tall open pine forest with low understory - like a cow pasture with pine trees.

They are particularly susceptable to car induced short lives because of their lack of road crossing skills!

All that said about their limitations .. is wiped out by a Fox Squirrel's 50 yards graceful running style. "Flying" close to the ground, with the long tail for guidance, they resemble fox - at speed.

They are a great photography subject because of their open habitat preference and they sleep in until 9:30-10:00AM.
_MG_9944 Foxey LadyFox Squirrel0225_1997 Shermans Fox Squirrel_MG_0017 Flying Fox Squirrel0225_1997 Shermans Fox Squirrel._MG_1920 Sherman_MG_6123 Shermans Fox Squirrel 2_MG_6122 Shermans Fox Squirrel 4_MG_0023 The Prize_MG_6127 Shermans Fox Squirrel 5_MG_7493 Black and White Sherman_MG_6131 Shermans Fox Squirrel 3 LRShermans Fox Squirrel 1_MG_0032 Shermans Fox Squirrel_MG_7500 Sherman's Tail_MG_0001 Sucessful Squirrel0225_1998 Flying Fox Squirrel_MG_9244 Fox in Grey_MG_9242 Anthony Fox Pattern_MG_9239 Grey Fox Squirrel