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The area offers many places to see the beautiful wild flowers and my favorite orchids. Don't forget the water plants which are unique!

The wildflowers begin with Spring and many are in bloom well into the fall. Orchid are produced in Southern Florida and shown in many of the horticultural gardens

Herbs are easily grown in a sunny window or in container gardens outside. I keep a selection of my herbs in the screened-in enclosure { lanai } so the bug threat is minimal
Night Blooming Cereus
_MG_2538 Hibiscus Tequila Sunrise_MG_1453  Night Blooming Cereus_MG_0009 Water Lily and Velvet Water_MG_3128 Different PassionsAmerican Lotus524 044 The CenterpieceAstors_MG_0716 Dawn Lotus_MG_1929 Lotus Bloom_MG_4254 Fall Salt Bush_NIK0020 Vivians Picture_MG_2433 Iris_NIK0011 Lady Banks Rose_MG_2364 Flowers and Pads_MG_2330 Blue-eyed grass_MG_2185 Thistle Fireworks