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The real threat to the ecology of The Prairie ~ The Feral Hogs threaten to literally "till" the LaChua Trail and other less noticeable terrain.

The Final Solution to the Feral Pig Problem has not been written by the Park Managers.

Past Practice is to attempt to trap pigs in hidden traps serviced during off hours. { 4-5 AM }

If the pig population diminishes then the trapping operation is stopped to save money on corn { $11.00 per bag! }

The tilting at imaginary windmills and invasive plants continues - including aerial spraying and other "justified" operations!

Go figure!
_MG_3658 Feral Boar_MG_4538 Pig on Trail_MG_1932 Where have all the flowers gone_MG_5221 Pig Stampede_MG_5327 Coming at You_MG_5323 Feral Sow_MG_5308 Trail Pigs_MG_5437 Perpetrator_MG_5435 LaChewa Trail_MG_0031 ID Shot Feral Pig and Successors_MG_0031 ID Shot Feral Pig and Successors_MG_0036 ID Shot Two Feral Boars_MG_6081 ID Shot Boar_MG_0104 Public Enemy_MG_0040 Target Rich Environment_MG_0057 Feral Sows_MG_0016 Arrogant Pig_MG_2845 Piggy Plowed_MG_3364 LaChewa Unmanaged_MG_5055 Secret LaPorcine Trail