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The Collection of Favorites: some special pictures that I update less than I should! Wildlife, scenery, and those special pictures that reveal the unusual moments we encounter!
_MG_3024 Screaming923 161 Coon Babies LR_MG_0198 Catchin not Fishin_MG_4712 Singing our Song_MG_7256 BarredGrizzly Momma JSThe Twig_MG_5743 Brown Bear Fishing Lesson_MG_5718 Leap for Salmon PS_MG_4346 MySpaceThe Last Prayer_V5B5210 Ms FinesseThe Rare Pair_MG_5968  Little Question MPPCharacter Counts_MG_0120 Man on Fire_MG_1087 Beautiful DayMG_5050 Watchful MotherIMG_0416 Frosty the Bison_MG_7241 Sandhill Sunrise