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I was surprised by the number of Bald Eagles in the area.

The birds are seen in numbers like 10-20 per hour on a good day at the area lakes and over the surrounding terrain.

We have a good population of hawks and falcons along with a number of elusive owls. Some claim the area is second only to Alaska for migrating eagles.

Take a lunch and visit the area lakes. Sit and enjoy God's Hobby - Watching eagles fly and cavort in the sky!
_MG_0314 about to pounce_MG_0208 Windblown_MG_0100 HoverImmature Bald Eagle_MG_1712 Pure Golden_MG_1657 Truth Honor Purpose_MG_1531 Pensive_MG_1534 Penny for Your_MG_1515 Sleepy Time_MG_0074 Nest Building_MG_0072 Time to Duck_MG_0073 Bald Eagle_MG_0073 Intensity_MG_0074 Nest Builder_MG_0113 Soar_MG_9635 Red Shouldered Hawk_MG_0033 Brush Hunter_MG_0063 Fishing Eagle_MG_0064 Catch_MG_0078 Fish in Hand