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I have developed an interest in the various insects and spiders in the area.

We have some very large spiders and a host of colorgul insects to see. A macro lens or some extension rings offer a way to capture the details

Wildlife macros are special because the subjext moves and the closer you get to more likely you are disturb the subject and "miss a good shot"

I sugest the 100mm macro or longer for this type of work. I've used the Canon 180mm f3.5 which is nothing short of spectacular!! The Nikon 200mm is another excellent choice!
_MG_1783 Inky Dinky606 008 Dragonfly Shadows801 035 The Golden Orb Spyders_MG_5795 Dragon_MG_0221 Big SpiderWolf SpiderIMG_5714 BananaramaMating Dragonfly_DSC0030 Spiny Fellow.jpgRosy Maple Moth_MG_2326 Benedryl Time_MG_3178 Spider Wire_MG_3129 Morning Dew_MG_1252 Dragonfly on Thistle_MG_1319 Poised_NIK0021 Centipede_MG_3701 Dark Fishing Sider_MG_2313 Wing Damage_MG_3806_NIK0047 Green Spikey