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_MG_7290 Team Fuzzball_MG_9009 Shore Birds_MG_3256 Minimal Nest Material_MG_3282  Wood Ducks_MG_3297 Wood Duck Flotilla_MG_0040 Avocet Pair_MG_0067 Avoceting_MG_0098 Mr Muddy_MG_3192 Food Line_MG_0071 Stepping Out0426_5306 Brown Pelican0316_eos1d3_3877 Mottled Duck4022 Swamp Lunch0316_eos1d3_4043 The Nest Expirience0316_eos1d3_4049 Really0403_4640 Mission Planning0403_4662 Wilson's Snipe0315_316 5D_3701 Green Water Snake0308_V_3283  The Courtship0308_V_3302 Ladies Man