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The gallery started as a place to share photos of the family pets.

The German Shepherd has an uncommon and inbred duty to "guard." You notice that the dog is always between you and the door, lying at the open bedroom door, and between me and his nemesis "The Big Cat!"

The Maine Coon cats are large domestic cats. My two altered males run about 24 lbs. We watch the diet to avoid "Fat Assed Cat Syndrome!

The big cats are more likely to be your buddy rather than your baby. They take chairs on either side of you but not the lap. Well - sometimes!!

If a bear comes to the lanai door it will meet the cats before the dog gets there! Big, Brave, Smart ~ well short on judgement occasionally!!

The entrance of The Bear was first captured here and is now in it's own folder. Backyard Bears and Trail Camera Creatures.
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