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August 20th, 2014

Just an update! The volume and special character of the Alaskan Pictures made sense to create a separate group for the picture.

The photos will first go to "Latest Additions" and then move to the Alaska Folder after a couple of weeks. Provides one place to check for the latest stuff and a natural archive later.

August 8th, 2014

Wow! five weeks later and not even halfway through the Alaska Pictures! It was a trip to remember but 8400 RAW pictures to sort through........

The grandchildren visited, so that brought us to the local spots, seeking memories for them to take back to the wilds of North Jersey. Mission accomplished!

A young man from Elizabeth is in a tough environment - but nine foot gators don't walk past you there! I think it made a "lasting impression!"

Not much luck with Ol' Suwanee and the Sturgeon for the second year. The high water is probably to blame for the poor "jumping season."

I've been out there four times so far and nil nuthin nadaa. They go back to the ocean around the first part of September so ... one more try!~

Alaska is too big to explore - claim some writers! I offer that two areas to start with are the Central Region and the Southeastern Areas.

The Central Region provides a one stop fly-in From Tampa to Anchorage. Beware of "Cheap Flights!" The special deal of $575.00 round trip took one day from the vacation -- each way! The $775.00 fare was a 10 hour flight. { plus four hours on time zones. }

The trip North includes Denali as a focal point and several side trips worth exploring. Oh! I forgot to mention "roads." Beautiful,wide and modern paved roads ...just like our four lane divided highway SR441!

The road goes North to Denali, South to Seward and has a Western option to Homer! There are a few minor roads but that's your road map! Road so it's a driving area.

We looked at the hotels and motels available and given the pricing and an additional layer of "fixed" scheduling opted for a rental RV. Hey! have not done that ! Add "yet!"

The RV rental includes a review of daily cost, mileage fees, and hidden creative charges like "generator fees." Add-ons like a pair of lawn chairs are often higher than picking up a pair at Walmart! Same for fishing gear.

Insurance not covered in the rental can often be included in your personal auto insurance - with a call to your agent. The $2500.00 deductible was reduced by my insurer to a maximum exposure of $500.00.

We enjoyed most of the RV experience. The 29 foot long vehicle offered all of the amenities. Throne room, separate shower, refrigerator, and a spacious "salon" with "pop-out" to increase the space available. Oh Yeah! Heater!!!

Watch your gasoline consumption and plan your fill ups. We used 1/2 tank as a fill up time - except for the Denali area where they prey on the tourista. Fill at Willow, Ak, buy five gallons from the crooks and top off again in Willow - on the way back!

Denali restricts cars to the first 33 miles of the park. The vehicle of choice is the tour bus { read school bus. } Neat experience! with everybody knowing everybody by the end of the voyage!

You can find hotels at the entrance to Denali or choose a camp in the park. RV's can use the "park" at the entrance of Denali, Savage River Camp 13 miles inside the park, or venture to the "TEK Campsite" and deal with the special restrictions and advantage of being "really inside!." We choose Savage river as a first timer's's compromise and loved it - carefully!

The first morning at Savage River - I rose to get warm, turn on the heater, { 42F ) and make the coffee! Setting at the wide window - I enjoyed the quiet and coffee before she got up ...and the bull moose that ran past our RV! Man!, they are BIG!!

The bus trip to Wonder Lake was the, most photos taken in one day, in 11 years of wildlife photography far! The hopes for the trip were exceeded! Grizzly bear, dall sheep, caribou, moose (s,) and Mountain Goats.

Gotta go there!

I'll cover the trip South to Seward in the next "Trail Report." The photos on the "Latest Additions" now extend from the start to the trip to Seward.

See you on the trails!

June 27th:

Return from Alaska!

We are beginning to post the edited photos from the trip. Several "I never shot that many photos in one day - days!!!" Like 32 Gb of bears!!! This edit is going to take a while!

No bucket list should be without an "Alaskan entry!"

_MG_6864 Baby Bison_MG_0198 Catchin not Fishin_MG_0107 Conflict LR_MG_0391 Parental Backup_MG_0341 The Murres_MG_6061 Intruder_MG_4452 Peters Big Brother_MG_5840  The Frizzly Bear_MG_4432 Hares Depature_MG_6189 Attention on You