_MG_6864 Baby Bison

_MG_6864 Baby Bison

Not to be repeated on the prairie!

Yes Marsha, That is extirpation delayed until no one is paying attention.

Did you talk to the horses??? 10 to 30 gelded Hmmmm! Sounds like the plan.

The bison photos are currently in "The Paynes Prairie Bison."

Here's our first sighting of the baby bison.

Sorry for the fuzzies but it's about 3/4 miles out there! ( a Looooong shot!)

It comes as no surprise given the Park Service's plan to remove the bison and horses-- but speaks much - that this photo has suddenly risen to the "most viewed" photo on the site!

The second day after the Gainesville Sun released the story of the "removal" - of one thousand respondents to the straw poll 95% of the poll said "keep the bison!"

Of course, the nanny state disagreed ~ now on to the "removal" of the horses!!

Bureaucrats serving themselves and not the public!! The bison were "removed" amid fabrications and false statements.

The economics remain a secret although estimates of over $250,000.00 are cited as a cost to "remove" six bulls! ( 4/2013 ...and 20 cows transgendered into "bulls" to facilitate their "gifting to the contractor!")

The real reason for "removal" of the grazing animals was to protect the inbred Dark Service Management ( so named for self-serving secrecy -well beyond their mission ) from a possibility of "adverse publicity."

Derelict and shameful!