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April 24th, 2016
The world begins to return to normal! Moving And sorting out the systems in the new home rises to a new level of work, as well as, time spent!

The debate was the incoming migrants focused at Cedar Key or chase down the Whooper Reported at the Prairie.

Lack of information for the whooper and the possibilities of the migrants sent the three folks off to the distant location at the end of SR24!

Up early and full of energy ..until look out the window revealed the fog!
Emails to all, concluded it was probably just, local fog off the lake. Off I go into fog of various intensity all the way to the destination.

The fog lifted on the final section after Otter Creek. I was passed, by the white redneck truck, doing ninety miles a hour!

Drop it into fifth gear and up the speedo another ten! - after all; I had someone out in front of me, to divert the local policia!

The old location. called Rosewood isn't big but their wall of fog. brought the car {quickly } to a much reduced speed!

Photography and shoreline birds are much affected by the tides. Starting at dead low tide provides dramatic views of the back bays and shore birds poking in the mud. The Spoonies, Acvocets and other small wading birds are in play. at 6-12 inches of incoming water.

Here's great website for the tdes ..and fishing too!

We started at the Cedar Key Museum and found good birding, in the large trees to the left, and the bushes surrounding the property.

The walk to the shoreline found a Tri-color and a couple of Spoonies. Next; we returned to the walkway, next to the cemetery, where we found a few wading birds out, on the barely wet mud flats.

The end of the walk, is near the end of the fence, and the pathway that brings you to the cemetery roadway. Great Flycatcher

October 6th, 2015
It you want to lose a year in different and "varied topics" -- Go buy a house and move before your other one sells!

We relocated to the West Coast near Crystal River. Walmart is now 11 miles when it used to be 3 miles. Planning a shopping trip takes on a different level of sophistication!

The area offers a rich selection of habitats, the addition of tidewaters and the Gulf of Mexico. The Withlacoochee River and it's related environs are full of photo opportunities.

We bought a place on the lake. Lake Rousseau was created by the Inglis dam around 1906. It is a 4000 acre lake formed by the Withlacoochee river.

The original river bed offers. great bass fishing. because of the deep channel that remains cool during the Summer months. Evenings will find me, the camera, the dog and an adult beverage fishing on the dock!

A system crash knocked out the list of recipients for the Trail Report! It should be recovered in time for the Crane Season. The report will continue as well as the trips to the prairie unless they lease it out to the cattlemen and hunters!

January 10th, 2015:

Time goes by regardless of how you use it!

Looking back to 2014 reminds me of the trip to Alaska and the 5+ months spent editing the pictures taken in just three short weeks. ( still not finished! )

We started a discussion about plans for a return to Alaska in June. The Valdez area, a bit more time, in Seward, and the Kenai Peninsula. Only place off the list is Homer way too tourista!

I've gone back to various old haunts and photo spots in Florida. Some have changed for the better some a bit less so.

The plans for the "Sheet Flow" and "removal" of the Sweetwater Canal are all most complete. The birding community is anxious to get out in to the new are and the promises that settling ponds and new boardwalks will bring.

2014 saw "Sparrow Alley" continue to be a super hot spot for the rarities that visit the area. You would think the Park "Service" would realize that for virtually No money - they could call it a trail 'cause it has been for years!

It would be heralded as a replacement for the Sweetwater ( but then there was a half rumor/half promise that they would bid a boardwalk to replace the loss of the old favorite Sweetwater Canal. )

The International Crane Foundation (ICF.) reports that the whooping crane seen at the Beef Unit is he only reported whooper in Florida except for the cranes at the impoundments at St. Marks. They said that: "fewer whoopers are coming to Florida." but offer no explanation for the apparent change. I presume they're talking about "commuters" and that some of the Kissimmee Birds still remain!

The Wauberg Bridge has lost many of the "perch trees" that were there when I started photographing with Dominic in 2005. Several trips to the bridge have come up short of photos in the last few months.

I recall the cormorants and white pelicans arrived around this time in January. A few were present last week. The North end of Orange Lake was empty of pelican and cranes during last weeks visit. The water level at boardman road was "back to normal" with a full canal and floating boats!.

Blue Springs, in Orange City held quite a few manatees last month. The waters are still more green than blue in recent photos. Alligators and Cooters were in abundance.

We were told of a group od Silver River Monkeys just South of the boat landing on the River Trail. We went to the river bank access to see if we could get a photo ....but

The bank was already taken by a rather snippy, grouchy, and big water moccasin. She reared her head as a warning and went right to open "cottonmouth mode."

I had the dog soo I elected for a retreat and few photos of the local Nasty! I think I surprised her because I don't normally get such an aggressive reaction. Rattlesnakes ..different story!!!

September 16th, 2014:

A trip to Busch Gardens offers a chance to practice photography on the big cats. You can learn some behavior clues - just in case you decide to spend your time and lots of money to go there!

Big cats means big lenses for big distance between you and the big cats!!! you don't feed them!

September 14th, 2014:

The vast majority of recently edited photos were up to the mid- point of our visit to Alaska. The pictures are "filed" under the Alaska Folder for your enjoyment.

The local stuff and this weekends "test run" photo trip of the big cats at Busch Gardens will take precedence for a week or so ... to diversify the new content.

Thank you for all the comments regarding the grizzly adventures! NOTE: Careful Warning must be added! Some of the photos show close proximity to the bears which is facilitated by safe procedures.

I strongly recommend that anyone planning a "Bear or Wildlife" Photo Trip to Alaska study the bear behavior long before you need to.... I would "suggest" you get a really good bear or wildlife guide to cover "one's ventures" { and butt!}

"White knuckle rides are fun, as long as the planning, is well done ...and it's not a roller coaster!"

Enjoy! and I'll see you on the trails ..somewhere!!!


August 29th, 2014:

Wow! Still editing Alaska, with local trips, interspersed during the remarkable heat of the Summer.

The Road to Seward leaves Anchorage with a stop at Walmart for supplies { gotta remember the Anchorage Amber~ It's special!! }.

you leave Seattle and you are still 1500 miles from Anchorage! The cost of the extra mileage that the "stuff" all comes to the consumer in Alaska - makes shopping less than a pleasure in Alaska. My favorite: Watermelons "On Sale $9.99! The scenery makes up for it!!

Twenty miles South of Anchorage begins the Turnagain Arm. The road and the Alaskan Railroad follow the shores of Cook's Inlet. The road offers many places to pull off and enjoy the scenery. Gasoline is reasonably available! { It's there, but the price, may not also be reasonable! }

The road splits into the the highway West SR 1 and South SR9 at Tern Lake. The Arctic Terns are very evident over the lake. The area is a bird watchers' delight.

The little town of Moose Pass offers a water wheel turning a grinding stone - for all those with an axe to grind - you might as well sharpen it here! I don't think I could count to ten buildings in Moose Pass but the bar was friendly! The Kenai Lake is a remarkable scenic event - further South.

Seward s a changed place after the Tsunami of 1964.

The town sits in a u-shaped harbor very exposed to the high-speed
_MG_6864 Baby Bison_MG_0198 Catchin not Fishin_MG_0107 Conflict LR_MG_0054 Paper Girl_MG_0066 Get the Paper_MG_0216 Eagles Scream_MG_0123 Moose Stare_MG_0114 Worst Nightmare_MG_0208 Windblown_MG_0056 Magpie Prowling_MG_5757 Salmon Day MPP_MG_3139  Saba M Von TeglerenNewbie at Five Weeks_V5B9093 Broad headed Skink M F_MG_0047 Too Close but Comfortable_MG_0051 Young Great Blue Heron_MG_0131 Caught_MG_3069 Darkening Sky_MG_0068 Consider all Points_MG_0100 Hover