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Modified 4-Apr-14
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Sherman's Fox Squirrels are a funky long-bodied squirrel with a very specific habitat preference.

The ideal area for the Sherman's is the tall open pine forest with low understory - like a cow pasture with pine trees.

They are particularly suseptable to car induced short lives because of their lack of road crossing skills!
_MG_0024 Fox Squirrel_MG_0017 Flying Fox Squirrel_MG_1920 Sherman_MG_6122 Shermans Fox Squirrel 4_MG_6127 Shermans Fox Squirrel 5_MG_6131 Shermans Fox Squirrel 3 LRShermans Fox Squirrel 1_MG_6123 Shermans Fox Squirrel 2_MG_0032 Shermans Fox Squirrel_MG_0023 The Prize