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Welcome to my photo site and the views of North Central Florida's Wildlife!

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I write a Trail Report and gather the latest photos to illustrate what's happening in the area. I shoot within 100 miles of the Silver Springs, Ocala Forest and Paynes Prairie No-Preserve State Park.

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I was a volunteer at Paynes Prairie for eight years. The Florida Park Service decided they had "no need for a volunteer photographer" and did not renew my "agreement ."

A thinly veiled retaliation for my opposition the their destruction of the herds of American Bison and Castration of the Florida Heritage Horses . A herd every bit as much of an attraction, as the Horses of Chincoteague, destroyed rather than exhibited proudly!

Oh! The feral pigs we can't possibly remove all of them!! It would cost too much money!!! The only ongoing damage to the LaChua Trail is Piggy Plowin'

The Florida "Dark" Service { renamed for their extreme secrecy - well beyond their mission } spent an estimated $250,000.00 to remove six bison bulls to eliminate reproduction of the herd.

The outcome in various "year later" articles announced that 26 bulls were "removed." Apparently the 6-10 known bulls were joined by additional cows that "transgendered" into the economically more valuable gender. http://www.gainesville.com/article/20130706/ARTICLES/130709754

D.Forgone - head of the Florida Park Service last year mentioned that the state might bring in a bull bison to mate with the Paynes Prairie females, which could ease concerns about inbreeding among the small herd.

Park "Manager" Jowers said that suggestion has since been dropped. Soooo.... much for "there will always be bison on Paynes Prairie." D Forgone...

Somebody is said to have: "got a new bass boat and a new hunting rifle."

The issue is with the highly inbred "park management." The Rangers are a captive group of dedicated folks that do their part to make the park a great place for the visitors. They offer their knowledge and dedication to support the visitors and are to be congratulated. Unfortunately, in this self-proclaimed "para-military" structure - They better not voice opposition or they will be "removed."

Consolidation of the 27 agencies that are, in charge of our outdoor resources, is an obvious way to reconstruct the crony bureaucracy, to serve the people of Florida, - instead of park management.


I can setup a personal tour for groups and individuals that don't have the time to invest to learn to location and timing to see the animals. Many people visiting the area for a day or two find this a great way to enhance the experience and increase the number and diversity of the visit. Let's talk about your trip.

The site offers the Latest Additions for the most recent photos and the Trail Report which offers the present activity. Click on the individual pictures for information and links to exmine the topic in greater detail. Educators often use this as source material.

The photos move to The Pictures which are wildlife category folders after a week or two. The Gallery called Favorites is a folder that contains those photos that viewers have chosen ... or I decide to put them there because of the response or just because they are my favorites!

The area is know for the Alligators and the Gator Sports Teams. The Gators and other Reptiles is a very popular offering and a prime topic for the visitors.

The Prairie has { dwindling } American Bison herds and Wild Spanish Horses. The bison was native to Florida until the late 1880's. Never in the numbers of the plains bison but here in edible quantities to feed the Native people and everyone that came to the table.

The herd of Wild Spanish Horses are tracable to the original horses brought here by the Spanish Soldiers in the mid 1500's. The bison and wild horses often walk down the trails of the prairie to the delight of the visitors.

Enjoy the photos and, by the way, everything can be ordered and delivered to your home or office as a finished or unmounted print, in a few days.

As always, If a question arises ~ Please give an email or a call to help!


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